Unlimited Data Plans Are Alive and Well at Sprint, T

Unlimited Data Plans Are Alive and Well at Sprint, T”

Sprint announced a new promo plan today that gets customers into 5 lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for $90. If interested, here's how one goes about taking advantage of the plan. Adding to that, it seems that competition in the United States telecom industry is making huge strides. Sprint's new deal, which runs for a limited amount of time, is the latest in an intense competition between America's four national carriers.

The company's site doesn't mention this, but it usually requires users to buy new handsets through them to benefit from the promotion. The telecom giant seems pretty serious towards positioning itself as a dominant force in the telecom industry.

All the lines will also have to sign up for electronic billing and Sprint's autopay program, which automatically withdraws money each month to cover the bill. The offer will only be available until end March.

A competing five-line plan on T-Mobile will cost you $180 per month, while the same costs $270 per month on AT&T (and you have to add DirecTV service to even have the privilege of adding unlimited data).

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The price jump after the first year might make the prospect of switching less appealing.

A second line for, say, a spouse, partner or friend, costs $90 a month total for both lines. Despite the date, the price difference in no joke. That's right, it goes from $90 per month up to $190 per month for a family of five.

"Sprint understands the value of unlimited data to our customers", said Roger Solé, Sprint chief marketing officer.

T-Mobile customer? Sprint has an excellent offer for you! In an age where there are no two year contract commitments and consumers are free to switch carriers at the drop of the dime, plans have become more competitive.

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