Will Mayweather-McGregor happen?

Will Mayweather-McGregor happen?”

"Some people were like, 'It took you so long to lose weight.' And I'm like, 'I've been fat or out of shape my whole life".

"People think I'm a celebrity".

"It's no foregone conclusion that this is a Mayweather victory - yes, he is one of the most skilled boxers of modern times but McGregor has his own set of assets and strengths".

The Irish media said that McGregor traveled to the United States this week to shoot an advertisement against school bullying, so he met with people close to Mayweather to close the deal.

But just as the excitement began filling the air, Mayweather shot down reports that the fight was confirmed quicker than one of his jabs.

"Just see what the big fat asses on them look like", he added.

For McGregor, this fight would be unprecedented since he has never been this big of an underdog.

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McGregor went to Twitter last night (February 14) to suggest Floyd's fallen back on a lingering fight due to him. "He's a little... he's got a little head on him". I'm stating facts. If I hit that man, his head is gonna go into the bleachers.

"If I crack that little head of his, it's gonna go clean off his shoulders and up into the bleachers".

Mayweather offered that comment just a few days before both he and Filipino southpaw Pacquiao finally signed a contract to fight, so all those "speculations and rumours" turned out to be on point. "If any changes are to come, be sure that I will be the first to let the world to know." .

McGregor replied three hours later by tweeting a picture of himself in a throne with the caption, "I am in Las Vegas".

But McGregor was quick to retort on his own Twitter and Instagram accounts, teasing Mayweather that Las Vegas was now his city, after he arrived in a place the boxing legend calls home on Tuesday for a meeting with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to discuss disciplinary action on his unruly behavior in a UFC news conference past year.

But it is clear that the undefeated (49-0) fighter wants to take on the 28-year-old McGregor, whom he sees as popular enough to ensure he gets another very big payday for his efforts.

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