AT&T Goes Unlimited As Wireless Battle Rages On

AT&T Goes Unlimited As Wireless Battle Rages On”

T-Mobile fired back with an improvement to its One unlimited plan to now offer HD video and up to 10GB of hotspot data as part of its $70 a month per line deal, $160 for four lines.

After a few years of rarity, unlimited data plans are a thing again. Like the other carriers, the new plan has a soft cap on data - 22GB in AT&T's case, the same as Verizon - after which customers are subject to their data being deprioritized when towers get congested. Last year, T-Mobile added 8.2 million total customers, 3.3 million of which are postpaid phone connections.

Sprint says now offering customers unlimited voice, text, data, HD video streaming, and 10 GB of mobile hotspot data for $22.50 per line, for four lines.

Following the new unlimited plans from Verizon and Sprint, AT&T announced today its own new unlimited plan, which is set to be available tomorrow to all post-paid customers. Verizon kicked off this recent round of plan changes with its unlimited plan last week.

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It should be noted that for you to experience HD video on T-Mobile's unlimited plan, you'll have to go in and manually turn the feature on from the web. Sprint and T-Mobile are cheaper. "You are not required to use Stream Saver". While Verizon usually has taxes and fees separate from advertised plan costs, along with a $20 access charge, the unlimited plans have most of these costs folded right in.

The $90 pricing requires you sign up for Sprint's automatic payment system (or AutoPay) and is only temporary, going from now until March 31, 2018.

AT&T's move leaves all four national wireless carriers offering the same plan and leaving price and network claims as the major differences. Buying a fourth line will provide a $40 credit, reducing the monthly price to $180. However, data speeds may slow down during times of congestion.

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