AT&T GoPhone launching new unlimited data prepaid plan today

AT&T GoPhone launching new unlimited data prepaid plan todayā€¯

Now, it is extending the unlimited data option to its prepaid GoPhone service, but there are many strings attached.

Over the past month, we've witnessed an all-out war among the top four USA wireless carriers with respect to unlimited data.

If you're not in the need for the fastest speeds possible, you can save some money and still get unlimited data.

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AT&T today introduced a new GoPhone prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text, and data at a max speed of 3 Mbps for $65 per month, or $60 with AutoPay enabled. The bad news, however, is that they leave a lot to be desired.

There are some finer details of this plan that you should be aware of. However, unlike AT&T's new $90 Unlimited Plus plan with up to 10GB of 4G LTE tethering, the GoPhone plan does not include Mobile Hotspot capabilities. Once you hit 22GB of data usage for the month, AT&T reserves the right to slow your speeds even more than that. Videos are not only limited to a 480p resolution, but will also max out download speeds at 1.5Mbps.

With the new plan, GoPhone Unlimited customers get unlimited talk, text, and data. So, while you still technically have a data connection, you'll have a hard time doing much of anything with it. If you want to buy a GoPhone but aren't interested in unlimited data, AT&T is also offering a plan with 6GB of "high-speed data" for $40, which honestly sounds more appealing than "unlimited" slow data. The data can be used in Mexico or Canada as well, though. Options are always the best way to get the best value.

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