Google Finds A Way To Shrink JPEGs By 35 Percent

Google Finds A Way To Shrink JPEGs By 35 Percent”

Google has stated that "Guetzli" - which means "cookie" in Swiss German - targets the quantization stage of a JPEG image which is partly responsible for visual quality. You can see an example of that in the image above, with the original uncompressed image on the left, the same one with the libjpeg encoder in the center, and one that used Guetzli on the right.

Secondly, Guetzli would seem set to have a significant resource footprint compared to the long-established image compression libraries now in use (mostly over Apache or other Linux-based frameworks).

Google said its new algorithm will create "high quality JPEG images with file sizes 35 percent smaller than now available methods".

Like Google's Zopfli algorithm for PNG and gzip files, Guetzil offers smaller file sizes without sacrificing compatibility with existing web browsers, image processing applications, or the JPEG standard.

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Take Google's new open source JPEG algorithm called Guetzli - it can dramatically reduce the size of JPEG images without loss of quality, according to ArsTechnica.

For more details on the nitty-gritty of how Guetzli actually accomplishes the improved encoding (it apparently involves "psychovisual models") check out the Google Research Blog and the published paper on Guetzli. In addition to making image files that are smaller, Guetzli is also focused on creating images that look better than other compressed images, too. That may seem like a deal-breaker but because of how well it performs in the quality department, Google feels the slower compression time is a worthy trade-off.

However, it's worth noting that Guetzli is slower than other options out there.

The JPEG encoder is open-source and available for you to download and implement in your own projects from this GitHub repository. Those concerned with maintaining the utmost quality while conserving storage space or reducing upload times may want to give the tool a chance, though, as Google points to multiple tests that indicate its tool is more capable than libjpeg. The company performed experiments where images of equal file size were shown to study participants who consistently prefered the imaged compressed using Guetzli. Last, we hope that the new explicitly psychovisual approach in Guetzli will inspire further image and video compression research.

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