Gov.UK pulls plug on its YouTube ads amid extremism concerns

Gov.UK pulls plug on its YouTube ads amid extremism concerns”

The announcement came after the United Kingdom government and the Guardian newspaper stepped up pressure on YouTube to police content on its platform, pulling ads from the video site because they appeared beside clips they view as inappropriate.

Analysis by The Times showed that blacklists which are created to prevent digital adverts from popping up next to extremist content, are not working. They have summoned Google for talks in the United Kingdom to demand higher standards.

Google says it will step up enforcement of advertising policies aimed at preventing ad placement next to inappropriate content after an uproar in the United Kingdom over government and branded ads appearing on video-sharing website YouTube.

Ronan Harris, Google's United Kingdom managing director, said in the blog post that last year Google removed almost two billion offensive ads from its platforms last year and also blacklisted 100,000 publishers from the company's ad sense program.

Vinamilk said in a document filed to the information and communication ministry that it has suspended ads on YouTube until it could be sure that any advertising there "completely complies with the law". Given the fact that companies like Google make billions each year, it seems logical to demand better policing so that they don't promulgate of hateful extremist content or fake news.

Google has responded, saying that its policies work as intended "in the vast majority of cases, protecting users and advertisers from harmful or inappropriate content".

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He said Google had "heard from our advertisers loud and clear that we can provide simpler, more robust ways to stop their ads from showing against controversial content".

Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP chief executive, added: "We have always said Google, Facebook and others are media companies and have the same responsibilities as any other media company".

The Guardian reported talks between Google and Havas "broke down" as the former was "unable to provide specific reassurances" in regards to filtering out unsafe content featuring things like hate speech, terrorism or other forms of violence.

"Google should make it public that this is a flaw in their technology", said Mr Norman.

The Times suggests the misplaced advertising is generating "tens of thousands of pounds a month for extremists" and blamed ad agencies for "pushing brands into online advertising to boost their own profits". According to Google's policies listed on its website, "inappropriate content" includes anything related to bullying, intimidation or racial discrimination.

Google could face an embarrassing number of refund requests, which it is understood will be issued in the form of credits to advertisers if the company made an error placing an ad and concluded that the material was sufficiently offensive to terminate the account of the publisher.

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