What Time is "Iron Fist" Release on Netflix?

What Time is

"It's not until the end of Defenders that you go 'so that's who the Iron Fist is!'" Then The Matrix came out of nowhere a month before TPM's release and gave us a more modern, inventive and influential use of CGI than TPM could ever hope to top.

Netflix continues to confound it's critics and delight it's viewers by bringing yet another special to it's portfolio.

Which is where that iron fist comes in handy-a glowing appendage that can burst through walls and fell an elevator full of assailants when Danny puts his mind to it.

Alternative casting could have removed the unfortunate white saviour trope, wouldn't have affected the character particularly, and had the added benefit of increasing diversity and representation in the fairly homogenous Marvel Cinematic Universe. Danny also cozies up to a martial arts instructor (Jessica Henwick), who earns extra cash fighting in cage matches, presumably just to show her off pounding much bigger guys.

- DarkTemplario (@DarkTemplarius) March 17, 2017 Finished Episode 1 of #IronFist.

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In the 1970s, Iron Fist almost blinded comic book nerds with his racy green and yellow Lycra suit. You might as well read them too, because Iron Fist does little to adjust for its source material's missteps and hardly bothers with showing any of the cool stuff that came from it.

The show about a martial arts expert has been pummeled by critics who have called the series "limp" and "boring".

Maybe it's worth actually giving Iron Fist a chance. Such an epic, personal struggle should elevate our understanding of his character and at least be visually dynamic. Rand becomes an orphan at a young age and has a sense of alienation in him. To prepare for this role actor, Finn Jones studied kung-fu, wushu, and tai chi, along with weight training, meditation and Buddhist philosophy. It's a perfectly serviceable superhero show, cultural appropriation notwithstanding (they really should have gone for an Asian Danny Rand). The cast also includes guest artists like Carrie-Ann Moss, Michael Maize, Lewis Tan and Esau Pritchett. Her employer blacklisted her from working at any other hospital in NY. We spend three episodes watching Danny unsuccessfully trying to convince people that he is Danny Rand returned from the dead, and the strongest running thread in the first half of the series has nothing to do with anything remotely superhero-y-it's all just corporate machinations.

Netflix always releases it's originals at 12:00 am at their Headquarters which is the West Coast. The fact that, obviously, things have changed in that period of time since Danny, however many years prior and the world is different. If you haven't watched yet, in the words of Colleen Wing: "That would be a mistake".

What can you say about their reaction when Danny comes back to NY. If we learned anything from Stranger Things, aka the smash Netflix hit, it's that a shorter season can be just as adept-if not more adept-at telling a complete story. But what has increasingly set the Marvel-Netflix shows apart is their timely and psychologically rich subtext: Jessica Jones is about the trauma of rape, the ubiquity of toxic masculinity, the dynamics of domestic violence; Luke Cage is about wrongful imprisonment, urban gentrification, the black experience in modern America. He was imbued with the power of the Iron Fist, absorbing some of Shou-Lao's power.

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