Cholesterol-Slashing Drug Does Not Harm Brain

Cholesterol-Slashing Drug Does Not Harm Brain”

Repatha could be a great solution for patients with high LDL cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease. Pharmacy benefit managers and other insurers have put up hurdles to PCSK9 drug use, despite their ability to lower LDL levels dramatically. Symphony Health data shows that commercial insurers rejected nearly three-fourths of PCSK9 requests a year ago, and Medicare coverage was denied at a rate of 61%.

This made "a dramatic difference", even if the drug could save just two percent of patients' lives, said Kevin Marzo, chief of the division of cardiology at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, New York, who was not involved in the study.

The results of the large worldwide trial of a drug on 27,000 patients means the drug could soon be used by millions, reports the foreign media.

It shows that for every 74 people given the drug for two years alongside statins, one heart attack, stroke or death would be prevented.

Peter Bach, for instance, director of the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, emphasized that the number of CV events prevented would be too small for payers to save much money. He suggests that high-risk patients, or those who can't tolerate statins, talk to their doctor about possibly taking the cholesterol drug as an alternative. Options on the table include a refund of the drug's cost for any eligible patient which suffers a heart attack or stroke while on the drug.

Researchers had the participants continue with their statins while half were given injectable Repatha and the other half given a placebo. About 15 million people die each year from heart attacks or stroke.

Prof Sever said: "The end result was cholesterol levels came down and down and down and we've seen cholesterol levels lower than we have ever seen before in the practice of medicine". There were no additional side effects beyond those seen with statins alone. All participants were taking inexpensive, cholesterol-lowering statins that were effective in providing an average LDL of 92, which is in range of optimal LDL of under 100.

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The cost varies, but it is thought to cost the UK's NHS about £2,000 per year per patient where it is already being given to people who do not respond to statins.

Last May NHS watchdog NICE approved Repatha and a similar drug called Praluent on the basis of early trials.

A long-acting new type of drug being developed by Medicines Co cut levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol in half in high-risk heart patients with no serious safety issues, according to data from a Phase II trial presented on Friday. He opined that the drug is an "effective agent", but not exactly game-changing in terms of reducing the risk of heart disease, with its effect similar to that of statins.

"It is probably the most important trial result of a cholesterol-lowering drug in over 20 years".

Price could provide a stumbling block however. However, the high cost of treatment has already started a debate on the drug and ever increasing drug prices. He noted that access to Repatha and other similar drugs has mostly been hard, which he believes is a "critically important" issue, as there may be millions of people considering taking these drugs for their heart problems.

Reacting to the offer, multiple doctors were mostly critical about the deal, stating that it may be a lose-lose situation for both the patient and their insurance provider. Findings indicate adding Repatha to optimized statin therapy resulted in a statistically significant 20 percent reduction in these events. A quarter of the people on the new drug had LDL level 19.

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