Optane SSD fast enough to be used as memory extender: Intel

Optane SSD fast enough to be used as memory extender: Intel”

It costs $1520 and Intel will make additional capacities available in the second half of this year.

Intel has launched its Intel Optane SSD series of memory for servers, created to be capable of driving demanding artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms.

Sadly, this functionality isn't as flexible as it first sounds, in Optane's initial outing at least: Intel is launching two distinct products, the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X and the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X with Intel Memory Drive Technology.

Intel expects 3D XPoint to account for 10% of the memory division's revenue in 2017, "ramping much more into 2018", Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich told investors in January.

For more information on the new Intel Optane P4800X storage jump over to the offiical Intel website for details by following the link below. By speeding up both fast caching and storage, the latest SSD enables data centers to more easily meet quality-of-service requirements in database dependent applications.

Intel starting to ship the first products based on new technology it hopes will reshape the market for computer memory and help it profit more from the tech world's data explosion.

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At last, Intel is making a stand-alone drive based on its extremely fast 3D storage technology. although you're probably not about to pick one up yourself.

Intel's latest SSD series is built on the 3D XPoint non-volatile computing memory technology announced in mid-2015. In the case of NAND, its low price is offset by latency, endurance and density issues.

In the future, Intel said it would produce memory modules based on 3D XPoint technology.

The feature requires using Intel's own chipset and Xeon processors, along with a middleware layer that boots before the operating system and presents DRAM and SSD resources to the operating system and applications as a single pool of memory. Eventually. 1.5TB SSDs will also hit the market.

Intel claims that this capability means that giant data sets such as those used for machine learning, scientific simulations and big data analytics can be stored entirely within the low-latency memory pool for lightning-fast access.

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