DHS chief: 'Marijuana is not a factor in the drug war'

DHS chief: 'Marijuana is not a factor in the drug war'”

Homeland Security Chief John Kelly said Sunday that the opaque mish-mash of legal moves and executive orders undertaken by President Trump to curb illegal immigration has sowed "enough confusion" into the system that illegal immigrants are trying to enter the USA less frequently.

"I got nearly no interest from the last administration, as much as I railed about it", Gen. Kelly told Todd of his unique focus on drugs, despite the role of DHS being more pointed to immigration and security.

Speaking with Chuck Todd Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press, Kelly said heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine are the three substances authorities should be tackling. You can not put a price on human misery.

Kelly was similarly uncomfortable when when Todd brought up Donald Trump's election promise to build a "deportation force" targeting illegal immigrants.

Top officials in the Trump administration are taking sharply divergent positions on the issue of federal marijuana policy and its role in fueling the war on drugs. If marijuana was not a factor, sick patients would be able to get safe access to medical marijuana in every state in the country. He is expected to pursue harsher punishments for using and distributing marijuana, which were relaxed under President Trump's predecessor, as The Washington Post's Sari Horowitz has reported.

More than 21,000 immigrants in the USA illegally have been arrested since President Donald Trump took office in January, compared to about 16,000 people during the same time previous year.

"The solution is not arresting a lot of users", General Kelly said.

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Advocates launched heaving criticism at Sessions and the Department of Justice in March after he said marijuana is "only slightly less awful" than heroin. The new administration's plans remain unclear, although Trump has suggested he wants to find a solution that could let them stay.

PM Trudeau has promised to legalize RM use and sales.

Over the past few months, Sessions has hinted at the coming of a federal crackdown against the legal marijuana industry because he believes legal pot is contributing to a surge of violent activity as well as introducing more people to the unsafe world of opioid abuse.

CHUCK TODD: -these Central American countries - is the idea of, for instance, marijuana legalization, does that help your problem or hurt your problem? The legislation must be approved by Parliament but with PM Trudeau's Liberal party holding a majority its passage in considered assured.

The proposed law allows 4 plants to be grown at home.

"It's too easy for our kids to get marijuana".

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