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Tags: North Korea | carl vinson | carrier

Tags: North Korea | carl vinson | carrier”

The problem was, the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the four other warships in its strike force were at that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian navy in the Indian Ocean, 5,600km south-west of the Korean Peninsula.

The regime is today celebrating the birthday of the founder of his family dynasty, an anniversary often marked by a bellicose show of strength. North Korea proceeded with a failed test of a ballistic missile on Sunday.

The U.S. Pacific Command said that North Korea launched a missile near Sinpo on the east coast early Sunday, but it exploded in midair shortly after the launch. The narrative last week was that the USA and its allies in the Western Pacific were gearing up for a showdown with strongman Kim Jong Un ahead of the anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, the late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

That contrasts sharply with the belief that the group was heading directly to waters off Korea amid fears Pyongyang could conduct a nuclear test as early as this past Saturday to mark the birthday of national founder Kim Il-sung, grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un.

In a sign of increasing escalation in the Pacific over North Korea's displays of military provocation, Russian and Chinese naval intelligence are probing the maneuvers of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

Asked about the decision to send those ships to North Korea during a White House press briefing last week, press secretary Sean Spicer framed the move as a deterrent.

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China is urging a return to negotiations over North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons after Vice President Mike Pence warned that the USA has lost its patience with the regime.

China would also face greater pressure from the USA to take further action, including ratcheting up its sanctions against Pyongyang, he added.

CNN also cited USA defense officials as saying the aircraft carrier will arrive off the Korean Peninsula at the end of April.

"It is our belief by bringing together the family of nations with diplomatic and economic pressure we have a chance of achieving a freeze on the Korean Peninsula", Pence told reporters following meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Monday that tensions need to be eased on the Korean peninsula to bring the escalating dispute there to a peaceful resolution.

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