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Canada introduces legislation to legalize marijuana

Canada introduces legislation to legalize marijuana”

"But for a lot of cannabis companies, especially companies that fall outside of the licensed producer system, including dispensaries and craft producers, there's a little bit of nervousness in the air, in that people are unsure if they'll be included in legalization".

“Criminal prohibition has failed to protect our kids and our communities, ” said Bill Blair, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Justice and a former Toronto police chief and one of the architects of the law, at a press conference.

The government also proposed new legislation governing impaired driving that would make it illegal to drive within two hours if an illegal level of drugs is found in the blood.

"That is why the Government of Canada, after extensive consultation with law enforcement, health and safety experts, and the hard work of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, today introduced legislation to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis".

Dana Larsen, a local advocate for marijuana reform, told the Georgia Straight that an individual's ability to possess 30 grams of cannabis and grow up to four plants, as proposed in the act, is a step in the right direction but that there are many flaws to the legislation "that need to be dealt with".

The Globe and Mail stated that the legislation would put in place new criminal offences, including a maximum penalty of 14 years to anyone who sells or provides marijuana to a minor.

Authorities envision regulating marijuana like alcohol. The provinces will also decide how the drug will be sold and distributed.

The South American nation of Uruguay is the only nation to legalize recreational pot.

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It is also unspecified where Canadians will be able to buy marijuana.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale warned police would "come down hard" on illicit drug activities.

Flowering medicinal marijuana plants in 2016 at Tweed INC in Smith Falls, Ontario. The new Trump administration has taken a more skeptical position on marijuana reform than its predecessor, but the news out of Canada may complicate that position.

Mayor Greg Dionne said the city has been preparing for the move, but he points out that there's still a long way to go before council will need to craft its own policy. The marijuana task force led by former Liberal justice minister Anne McLellan had acknowledged provinces and territories would likely harmonize it with the age limit they now have in place for alcohol and tobacco.

Since the 2015 election campaign, the Liberals have couched their push to legalize pot in a counterintuitive message: that it is the single best way to keep the drug out of the hands of impressionable and still-developing children. Thats slightly lower than the drinking age limit of 19 in most provinces.

Attempting to grow, procure, or use marijuana outside the legal framework will be a serious punishable offence, the government said.

"Every sovereign country has the ability at the border to make decisions for themselves", Goodale said. Previously, the USA allowed patients with a variety of medical conditions to smoke marijuana in a variety of states since 1996, and four states have voted to allow the sale and distribution of marijuana.

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